QR Podcamp Philly 2011 Schedule

PodCamp Philly 2011 Schedule

PodCamp Philly 2011 Schedule

Each session title links to the online session description and author bio.

Click on the schedule to download the PDF – save a copy, print a copy to bring with you, or load a copy on your smartphone or tablet to bring with you.  In order to save trees, will not have printed copies at PodCamp. The QR code below will always point to the most recent schedule PDF.

Please note that it may change from now to the event.

PodCamp Philly 2011 Schedule v1

PodCamp Philly 2011 Schedule v1

QR Podcamp Philly 2011 Schedule


To view sessions by experience level:

  • Newbie : NO experience required
  • Beginner: Basic knowledge and limited practical experience
  • Intermediate: Significant knowledge
  • Advanced: Technical and practical proficiency
To view sessions by track (just be sure you are looking at 2011 information):
Address (same as the past 4 years):

Tuttleman Learning Center / Temple University

1210 W. Berks Street

Philadelphia, PA 19122

About PodCamp Philly Team

PodCamp Philly is about people willingly coming together to share, teach, learn and grow - becoming better at what we do and sharing it with the world. Whether you're a Fortune 500 executive or a grade school student, we all have unique experiences that others can learn from. That's why we need YOU to attend and get involved. YOU are our community and what makes our event so incredible.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jaan-Heino-Lutter/502197000 Jaan Heino Lutter

    Oh Yeah

  • Frank Brill

    I had the good fortune to recently attend a preview of Lynette Young’s introduction to Google+ and would recommend her session to anyone curious about whether G+ is worth learning and implementing.