PodCamp is a Barcamp-style community unconference for anyone interested in podcasting, blogging, video-casting and social media.  Held for the first time in Boston during the fall of 2006, the PodCamp events have spread across the globe to include 35 events in cities like Toronto, Berlin, New York, Cape Town, Stockholm and Pittsburgh.

The purpose of PodCamp is to:

  • Share information.
  • Build & develop relationships
  • Grow the new media community

The Spirit of PodCamp is about people willingly coming together to share, teach, learn and grow, becoming better at what we do and sharing it with the world. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 executive or a grade school student, we all have unique experiences that others can learn from.

PodCamp Philly was first held in the Fall of 2007. Featuring over 45 sessions, 26 sponsors, 2 parties, 1 charity event (and one upset bridal party), PodCamp offered something for everyone. Some of the Session Leaders included:

In 2007 PodCamp Philly teamed with SearchCamp, an emergent group focused on helping small and medium sized businesses market themselves online. “They put on such a great event with Podcamp Philly.  It inspired me to try and bring a similar event for online marketers to the Philly area.” said Liana “Li” Evans, Founder of SearchCamp. ” PodCamp did an amazing job, and we hope to only add on to that…”

PodCamp Philly 2008 was focused on helping attendees improve their knowledge and skill through the use of practical examples and case studies, it was incredibly interesting and enlightening.

PodCamp Philly and related events are part of The Podcamp Foundation. While not designated by the IRS as a Non Profit Organization (501-C3), The Podcamp Foundation and its’ related events are designed to break even.

All registration fees for PodCamp Philly 2008 were donated to Philadelphia’s Science Leadership Academy.


Contact us at PodCampP @ gmail . com