PDF Schedule for PodCamp Philly 2010

Schedule is in DRAFT (we can’t stress this enough…time slots may still change around)

Unedited / Unsorted listing of current PodCamp Philly 2010 speaker submissions


PodCamp Philly 2010 is dividing our sessions into TRACKS to make it easier for you to find what you want to attend.

Blogging : Wordsmiths rejoice! From finding the best platform to use for blogging to discovering your passion, the Blogging sessions at PodCamp Philly will help you get on track.

Business : Use podcasting and social media for business? Need to find out what all the hoopla is?  Want to find out how to earn some coin from your hobby?  This TRACK may be for you!

Podcasting : At the heart of every great PodCamp (and we are!) are sessions on podcasting and video podcasting.  Everything from free tools to finding and connecting to your audience, the Podcasting TRACK at Camp is overflowing with info!

Social Media : Twitter & Facebook & LinkedIn OH MY!  Everything from getting started to expert strategy advice is in this TRACK (Social Media Camp sponsored by Social Media Club Philadelphia & Social Media Club Princeton)

Technical : Technophiles unite!  If you need a deep-dive into some of the more technical aspects of podcasting, social media, blogging this series was designed for geeks – by geeks!

Getting Started : The feedback we received our first three years of PodCamp lets us know there is a very vibrant beginner community waiting to sink their teeth into podcasting!  Ask and you shall receive!  This time around we have included a “Podcasting 101” and “Social Media 101” sessions into larger chunks of time so that you can dig in and LEARN without having to hop classrooms!

Experience Levels:

Within the TRACKS we are trying to make it easy to gauge how much experience you need going into the session.

  • Newbie: No Experience Required
  • Beginner: Basic Knowledge of New Media and Limited Experience
  • Intermediate: Significant knowledge and use of blogging, podcasting and related platforms
  • Intermediate+: Regular New Media Use; Won’t cringe at terms like HTML, RSS or CSS
  • Advanced: Daily Social Media use as an individual or business
  • Technical: Knows how to create HTML, RSS, or CSS