Ways to Automate More of Your PPC Campaigns

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found a lot of applications in search marketing. In fact, it is one of the many PPC trends that are expected to gain a lot of traction for the years to come. While nearly every business is leveraging AI for Google Ads, creating your own AI can be challenging, especially if you do not have experience in PPC automation.

The truth is that tasks that are well-defined can be automated easily. Thus, if you follow the same process each time you manage bids, finding new keywords, and setting budgets, you can automate these processes in Google Ads. The best way to check whether the process is well-defined is to think whether the task can be outsourced.

pay per clickThe idea behind automation is that software and computers do not require breaks for them to work. Also, they will not make mistakes as a result of distractions. Thus, if your task can be done by another person, they do not have to ask questions regarding what should be done, it can be automated. Moreover, some tasks that require human involvement can be automated. A good example is the ad testing process. Learn how PPCnerd automates Google Ads the right way. These are different ways to automate Google Ads campaigns.

Bid Rules

You can easily start your automation by using a pre-built tool from Google, such as automated bid management. In this case, you do not have to build anything nor pay anything to utilize this strategy from Google Ads. However, most decisions in PPC are not as straightforward as such. Maybe you want to bid your campaigns to top of the page when the keyword has an excellent Quality Score, and it is generating conversions.

Automated Rules

The other level of automation is using automated rules that offer a lot of flexibility. Also, it is a free Google tool you can use. However, it requires more thought as compared to bid rules. In this case, Google allows you to run your automation rules once per day. Unfortunately, that may not be enough to cover various things you will want to like checking budgets.

Automated Scripts

The good thing about automation with scripts is that it is more customizable and powerful. These scripts offer shortcuts for interacting with other Google’s systems such as Spreadsheets and Gmail. Also, some developers have written different scripts that are available for free. Thus, scripts are great for running automation and prototyping ideas on an average budget.

Top 4 Benefits of Google Ads for Business Growth


Online businesses are gaining a lot of popularity due to the benefits they provide both to the owners and the customers. If you are interested in business, then online marketing is the right path you need to start or follow. With this type of business, many entrepreneurs can now smile since they know that they can access all the information they need to improve on their business.

So far, Google Ads is the best platform most successful entrepreneurs use to advertise their products and services. Many business owners can now explain the many benefits they have received from this platform. The primary or significant benefits you can get from this platform are that it enhances the visibility of your products and brings profitable and faster results.

When you start your small business, you aim to reach out to the target audience and make sure that you attain your annual business objectives or goals. You can achieve your business aims if you use the right and recommended marketing strategies.

1. Brand Awareness

Over the past years, we have seen a lot of entrepreneurs struggling to market their products and services. But with the transformation of marketing from analog to digital, there are thousands of companies out there that have made their way to the internet. We are experiencing these changes due to the benefits of internet marketing.

Most business owners will love to advertise their products to various customers. Internet or digital advertising has revolutionized new ways of promoting multiple products in the market. Google Ads is the best platform that enables most marketers to target and also increase their audience to achieve their goals.

2. It Promotes a Stronger Value Proposition

Creating stronger communication is the primary key to driving sales. In the real sense, if you will not be at a suitable position of showing someone that they need to use and buy your goods and services, then they will not need to buy them. The value propositions will help the user to know the value they can get from your products and services.

3. It is Quick and Easy

When you are managing a given company, there are a lot of benefits you will get from becoming a Google Ads certified. With this platform, it will only take you a few minutes to update your products and develop your skills within a short period. Since there are some tests that you should take, you can still apply for them and go ahead to inform your boss that you are about to become Ads certified.

4. Faster Results

There are a lot of platforms that most entrepreneurs use to market their goods and services. But on the same note, you will realize that businesses have the chance to come in front of people more especially when customers are out there looking for their products. Lastly, with Google ads, you are likely to get better and faster results.

Photographer Marketing Qualities

hand holding camera

Being a great photographer is more than merely mastering the camera or owning a camera gear. It is however about the qualities which allow you to see the beauty even in unexpected areas and capturing the beauty in a photo. You need to have the right qualities to get customers for your photography. What will make a good photographer depends on the niche of photography as each niche calls for different desirable qualities. Some of the desirable qualities that will help you market yourself.

Imagination and Creativity

man looking at photographsPhotography is a form of art in all purposes and intents. It, therefore, requires that you have a creative mind and a lot of imagination. A good photographer has to be able to view ordinary things in many different ways, interpret whatever he is seeing and convey the interpretations in meaningful and beautiful photos. The composition is key to photography thus you have to be concerned about the composition side even more than the artistic side. Some rules can guide you, but the best guides are your imagination and creativity.

Eyes for Detail

Good photographers need to have very keen eyes for detail to make sure all elements of the photo that is, the composition, subject and lighting in between work harmoniously together to convey the right message or vision. Even the tiniest of the details can break or make your photograph. Having an eye for the picture detail as well as being meticulous while scrutinizing each element ensures cohesiveness which is vital to produce a perfect photo.

Flexibility and Patience

Regardless of how much you try controlling every variable, things will not go your way sometimes. There are days when the lighting will not cooperate, when clients are exceptionally demanding, or the camera fails to give you the results you desire. Patience is an essential quality for your success as a photographer as you will need to be patient with demanding clients, hyperactive animals, and crying babies. Flexibility is also an essential quality as you need be flexible so that you make the best of the undesirable situations.

People Skills

man taking photo

As a professional photographer, you will be working with people from clients to fellow photographers so knowing how to communicate and connect with others effectively is vital. When photographing people, taking a good photo is not enough, you have to interact with the people and make them feel easy so you can draw out the right emotions. If you have people skills then clients will keep coming back to you for services.


To stand out from other photographers your love for the job is vital. If you are passionate about photography, then you will shine out. It takes effort and time to make it in this field, and you can only succeed and make a name if you are truly passionate. When you are passionate you tend to serve you clients better and increase your customer base as well.

To be successful as a professional photographer you need to cultivate these qualities in you. This way you will excel in the field and produce the best photographs. These will help you market yourself as the best photography. You can also go online and post pictures of your work to attract more customers.