Ways to Automate More of Your PPC Campaigns

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found a lot of applications in search marketing. In fact, it is one of the many PPC trends that are expected to gain a lot of traction for the years to come. While nearly every business is leveraging AI for Google Ads, creating your own AI can be challenging, especially if you do not have experience in PPC automation.

The truth is that tasks that are well-defined can be automated easily. Thus, if you follow the same process each time you manage bids, finding new keywords, and setting budgets, you can automate these processes in Google Ads. The best way to check whether the process is well-defined is to think whether the task can be outsourced.

pay per clickThe idea behind automation is that software and computers do not require breaks for them to work. Also, they will not make mistakes as a result of distractions. Thus, if your task can be done by another person, they do not have to ask questions regarding what should be done, it can be automated. Moreover, some tasks that require human involvement can be automated. A good example is the ad testing process. Learn how PPCnerd automates Google Ads the right way. These are different ways to automate Google Ads campaigns.

Bid Rules

You can easily start your automation by using a pre-built tool from Google, such as automated bid management. In this case, you do not have to build anything nor pay anything to utilize this strategy from Google Ads. However, most decisions in PPC are not as straightforward as such. Maybe you want to bid your campaigns to top of the page when the keyword has an excellent Quality Score, and it is generating conversions.

Automated Rules

The other level of automation is using automated rules that offer a lot of flexibility. Also, it is a free Google tool you can use. However, it requires more thought as compared to bid rules. In this case, Google allows you to run your automation rules once per day. Unfortunately, that may not be enough to cover various things you will want to like checking budgets.

Automated Scripts

The good thing about automation with scripts is that it is more customizable and powerful. These scripts offer shortcuts for interacting with other Google’s systems such as Spreadsheets and Gmail. Also, some developers have written different scripts that are available for free. Thus, scripts are great for running automation and prototyping ideas on an average budget.